Make every product better than it’s ever been done before. Make the parts you cannot see as well as the parts you can see. Use only the best materials, even for the most everyday items. Give the same attention to the smallest detail as you do to the largest. Design every item you make to last forever.
— Shaker Philosophy of Furniture Making

Half Light Bindery is a small production studio that focuses on using time-honored methods of handcraft to produce leather and canvas goods with an approachable modern aesthetic. We believe that sourcing local materials is "best practice", so we are committed to buying from suppliers that source leather from American tanneries. We believe that there is much freedom to be found by using our very own hands as primary tools, and as such we use them as much as is possible. Simple benches, honest hands, pride in work and quality materials are the soul of our brand.

As the driving force behind Half Light Bindery, I received my training at Boston's North Bennet St. School studying fine bookbinding. My interest is  centered around traditional methods, but I enjoy the tension of using traditional methods towards a modern aesthetic.

After graduating I decided it was time to forge my own path in the world. We moved back home to southern California, and I started Half Light Bindery in the summer of 2013. Over the first year, my primary focus in the studio shifted from new bindings to this line of leather goods that has now expanded with the addition of canvas. The opportunity to make something that you would own and carry with you is something that I’m very proud of.

 I live and work in Long Beach with my wife Susan and our four-legged shop assistant. To see what I'm up to in and out of the bindery, follow me on Instagram.


                                           Kevin Sheby