We try to use only the best natural products. This is why we have chosen to use Wickett and Craig leather. They produce a full veg-tanned** leather with a great durable feel and color that takes on a rich patina. In addition, as one of the oldest North American tanneries, their hides come exclusively from North American steer and are tanned here in the USA. Our relationship with them allows us to make a truly American product.

We use two types of leather primarily.

Our 4.5 oz. bridle leather has a smooth top finish and a clean grain, resulting in a more uniform color.

Our 5 oz. harness leather is a much more natural product. It is simply tanned and oiled, resulting in a nice subtle color variation. The harness leather will show its patine much quicker than the bridle. 

** Vegetable tanning uses natural tannins found in tree bark and other plant sources.  Leather tanned in this manner ages beautifully over time, taking on a wonderful patina, and has a nice full feel in the hand. The grain is uncorrected, meaning that it retains the attributes acquired during the life the steer. We do our best to exclude major flaws, but we allow certain markings to remain, believing this adds to the value and quality of our products.